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Millet Bowl is a young and fast emerging healthy alternative smart food brand, aiming to bring back the lost glory of ancient wonder grains i.e. millets. We truly believe that food is much more than just nourishment; they are memories, joy and connection with the people & planet.

We have invested long hours and braved insurmountable challenges and developed India’s first ever Ready-to-Drink Multi Millet Protein Shake as the part of 1st Nestle R&D Accelerator Program. Our products give you the power of 4 Millets, Protein Energy, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals required for complete nutrition.

Stay tuned…

To nourish you further, coming soon: Multi Millet Instant Soupy Khichdi, Millet Cookies, Millet Nutri Bar, Seasonings & Condiments.


To become a leading house of authentic millet-based Snacks and Beverages, gain recognition as a trusted Health and Wellness FMCG brand.


‘Anytime Millet time’, with a purpose to address human nutrition we provide consumers with a new line of Multi Millet Snacks and beverages which are tasty, convenient and affordable.

Re-discovering the Forgotten Gem

Millets had been a staple food in India and it’s consumption was very common and integral part of local food cultures. The passage of time and various policy changes led to a sharp decline in millet production and consumption. We almost forgot the gem of grains - Millet!


Winds of change for millet is however here. More and more people are adopting these ‘Super grains’ into their staples.

Bringing ‘Super Grains’ back in vogue

Millet Bowl has identified the tide of non-gluten diet around the world and has come up with Delicious, Healthy, Convenient & Affordable Millet Protein Shakes for anytime consumption – a gluten free & delectable experience of ‘Super Grains’.

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